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Pinstripe Ball PythonScientific Name: Python regius
Common Name:
Ball Python
Genetics: Color / Pattern Mutation - Co-Dominant or Dominant? ( BHB )

This an awesome new ball python mutation by Brian and Lori Braczyk.............I hope there is a SUPER....;)...........I remember when I first laid eyes on the "original pinstripe" male at the Orlando show in 1999..........this will be yet another awesome co-dom trait to "mix up" with all the other awesome traits we have to play with.

The Pinstripe is similar to the Spider ball as far as a very thin reduced pattern, it does not have the white sides like a Spider. "Pinstripe" is a perfect name for this mutation as you can see that the normal ball python pattern has been reduced to very fine lines.

As of 2005 there have been several crosses made with the Pinstripe........"Spinner" = Spider x Pinstripe,"Lemon Blast" = Pastel x Pinstripe, "Hypo Pin" = Hypo x Pinstripe, "Chocolate Pin" = Chocolate x Pinstripe, "King Pin" = Lesser Platty x Pinstripe and the "tripe threat" = Pinstripe - Spider- Pastel..............wow!!


Pinstripe Ball Python This Pinstripe has very attractive white sides All three of these are Pinstripes...........the top one is an aberrant Pinstripe This aberrant Pinstripe is a double co-dom............BHB bred a co-dom type of black back with a pinstripe to produce this new mutation....it has not been named yet? Gorgeous!!
Ralphie holding a  "Pin" Pinstripe

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