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High Gold Ball PythonScientific Name: Python regius
Common Name:
Ball Python
High Gold
Genetics: Unknown

High Gold ball pythons are the prettiest of the 'Normals".Where a normal ball python is brown, the High Golds are a beautiful gold/orange color. I have a small group of these beauties to work with that where imported from Africa several years ago.. I'm not sure if they will be genetic because sometimes in any random breeding a "High Gold" may pop up.........but this is rare.........I have never randomly produced a high gold ball as nice as the ones in the picture series.The eyes are light green like a jungle, the black and gold/orange contrast really catch the eye.

They are all adults now and still stand out as a "Gold" ball python against any normal.......This mutation will not set the world on fire.........but if it can be reproduced........it will be great to use as "founding stock" for other mutations. I have seen Pastel Jungle balls that did not look this good!!!!!!!

I hope to breed "High Gold" x 'High Gold" and get a small project rolling with hets............if it does breed true..........I think I would first breed it into the Albino and Pastel Jungle lines......

I have the small group of the "High Golds" and I also have a small group of what I call "Killer Bees"..........the Bees are a more "yellow/gold"........I did breed my original Killer Bee male to a normal and produced normal looking babies in 2001............it will take some time to breed them back to see if it is a simple recessive trait or not...........ain't it fun.....:)

Skin close up High Gold Ball Python High Gold Ball Python High Gold Ball Python High Gold Ball Python High Gold Ball Python High Gold Ball Python Eye close up High Gold Ball Python Killer Bee
Killer Bee Killer Bee High Gold Ball Python High Gold Ball Python with Albino High Gold Ball Python
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