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Super Pastel ball pythonsGenetic Morph: Super Pastel Jungle
Status: Proven Co-Dominant
By Whom:

This mutation was first produced by NERD in 1999 by breeding 2 Pastel Jungles together. This is the homozygous form of the Pastel Jungle proving it co-dominant.

Upper text by Graziani Reptiles

This mutation is the result of breeding Pastel Jungle to Pastel Jungle ball pythons. The resulting clutch should theoretically contain 25% Super Pastels, 50% Pastel Jungles and 25% normals. Super Pastels appear as an extreme Pastel Jungle ball with increased fading through the black pigment and a pale yellow body. Babies are incredibly pale with an opalescent sheen to them. Pastel Jungles are the heterozygous manifestation of Super Pastel. The Super Pastel should produce 100% pastels when bred to a normal ball python.

Lower text by NERD


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