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GeneticStriped ball pythonGenetic Morph: Striped, Genetic Striped
Status: Proven Simple Recessive
By Whom:
Dave and Tracy Barker ( VPI )

I got a call in the fall of 1989 alerting me that a second albino ball python had been captured in Ghana. It was expensive and I really didn't want to buy it but I didn't want anyone else to have it either. Noah wanted to sell it along with another snake that wasn't an albino, he said, but had a different pattern. In those days I didn't clearly recognize the potential of ball python pattern mutations and I argued a little about it but eventually bought both snakes. The second snake was an interesting striped animal. The snake was slow to acclimate and didn't breed for several years but eventually produced several heterozygous offspring. In the spring of 1999 I proved this trait and produced the first striped babies of this mutation.

Above text by Bob Clark

VPI received hets from Bob Clark, raised them up and produced the first Genetic Stripe ball pythons. Why Clark would ever sell hets before he had proven them is a mystery to me? Clark's original male Stripe had "genetic" written all over it, as VPI could see. The Striped trait is going to be one of the best traits to cross into other mutations............as of 2005 only one cross has been produced...........and that is the "Striped Albino" produced by RDR..........it's a gorgeous orange sherbet colored snake............a "1 in 16" snake!! ( RDR blurp )


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