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Pewter PastelGenetic Morph: Pewter Pastel, Pewter ( Pastel X Cinnamon )
Status: Proven Co-Dominant ( Co-Dom X Co-Dom )
By Whom:
Greg Graziani

The Pewter Pastel is the product of breeding our wild caught Cinnamon Pastel male to one of our captive female Pastel Jungles.

The clutch started to hatch on June 27, 2003 & contained 4 Pewter Pastels, 2 Cinnamon Pastels, 1 Pastel Jungle & 1 normal. These animals are unbelievable! We were not expecting something this drastic. We expected the brown & burnt orange of the Cinnamon Pastel combined with the bright yellow of the Pastel Jungle to create a fiery orange ball python. Instead it appears that the Cinnamon Pastel removed all of the yellow & the Pastel Jungle washed out the remaining brown pigment, leaving almost silver looking ball pythons.

This confirms further that the Cinnamon Pastels do not have any yellow pigment & may be some form of dominant/co-dominant Axanthic mutation. If the Cinnamon Pastel proves to be co-dominant by producing Super Cinnamon Pastels when bred together then the Pewter Pastels will have been the first double co-dominant mutation produced in captivity.

Above text by Greg Graziani

As of 2005, the Cinny Pastel has been proven to be co-dom............a Pewter is a visible Cinny Pastel and a Pastel. The Pewter pictured is a little female that I produced in 2004 from breeding a Super Pastel male to a Cinny female.( RDR blurp )


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