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Mojave ball pythonGenetic Morph: Mojave
Status: Proven Co-Dominant
By Whom:
The Snake Keeper, ( MKR produced the first Super Mojave in 2004 )

The Mojave ball python was first reproduced in captivity in the year 2000. We had aquired the orginal Mojave from a local wholesaler of reptiles the previous year. We knew it looked different as a baby but had no idea it would turn into what it has become today. Mojave ball pythons lack the typical shades of black, brown and gold of normaly colored ball pythons. The gold is replaced with a clean yellow/yellow green color. The black has become a deep rich brown hue with, in some examples, extensive highlights. They also have shades of light gray found in the side pattern. Every generation just seems to get better and better. Having the Super Mojave just around the corner in 2004 and seeing what a Hypo Mojave looks like these have really become popular for breeders & collectors alike. They know how well the other dominant morphs are doing so they know the potential of the Mojaveas an investment. They are a fantastic addition to the world of ball python morphs!

Above text by The Snake Keeper

Morph Kings produced the first "Super Mojave" in 2004.......from breeding Mojave x Mojave. The Super Mojave has a faint purple colored head..........like it's holding it's breath.....dark eyes............and there is pattern.........normal ball python pattern is faintly visible on the body..........almost like a Snow Ball.............patterned in "two-tone" white. ( RDR blurp )




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