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Butter BallGenetic Morph: Butter, Butter Ball
Status: Proven Dominant
2001 ( Mark and Kim Bell ) 2003 ( Ralph Davis )
By Whom:
Mark and Kim Bell and Ralph Davis

Mark and Kim Bell proved their "Butter" to be a dominant mutation in 2001..........I produced my first baby Butters in 2003.....We do not know that The Bell's line and the RDR line are the same mutation. As of 2004, The Bells bred Butter x Butter and produced four Butters and one normal from five eggs. The Butter is very similar in appearance to a "Lesser Platty"........BUT..........the Butters have more yellow coloration in their patterns. The yellow becomes stronger as they mature, where the Lesser's yellow becomes " less" as they mature...........the Butter is not to be confused with the "Platinum".

In the pic above you can see a Butter Ball and a partial pic of real "Platties".......it will be interesting to see if the Butter and Lesser line are compatible, and "if" Blue Eyed Lucys can be produced.

In 2005 I bred my original Butter male to a normal "looking" female who was the daughter of my original "Platty Daddy"...........hoping to "maybe" produce a really pretty washed out "Butter Daddy"...........and that is exactly what was produced........the "Butter Daddies" are amazing looking!!............now if I can just figure out what secret the normal looking offspring from Platty Daddy are hiding?

I have not bred Butter x Butter as of yet........hopefully that will happen in the fall of 06.

Text by Ralph Davis


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