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VPI Axanthic ball pythonGenetic Morph: Axanthic VPI Line, VPI Axanthic
Status: Proven Simple Recessive
By Whom:
Dave and Tracy Barker ( VPI )

The founder of the "VPI axanthic lineage" was obtained by VPI in 1990 and the descendents of that snake are identified as "VPI lineage axanthics."

Text by Dave and Tracy Barker ( VPI )

"Axanthic" means lacking yellow...........the lack of yellow in a ball python leaves you with a very pretty black, white and silver snake...........the Axanthic is the "key" to producing a "Snow Ball".........Axanthic x Albino = Double het for Snow.........DHSN x DHSN breeding will give you a "1 in 16" chance at producing the "double home".......the SNOW BALL.........a Snow Ball is homozygous Albino and Axanthic. ( RDR blurp )


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