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These het Axanthic's are from the VPI line of Axanthic......... I bred an Axanthic male to a het Axanthic female, there were three female Axanthics born in this clutch, leaving 0.2 hets. When "hets" are bred to each other...........in 4 eggs you should produce 1 Axanthic, 2 het Axanthic and 1 normal.............The Barker line Axanthic produces a gorgeous Snow Ball!!

D.O.B. - 7/21/02 clutch # 30

02 het axanthic female # 1  "vpi"
SEX: Female

ID#: 02_0.1_hetax_vpi_1

STATUS: Sold C C 11/16/03 PRICE: $3,500.00
Notes: Eating rat pups
SEX: Female

ID#: 02_0.1_hetax_vpi_2

STATUS: Available PRICE: $3,500.00
Notes: Eating rat pups


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